Product SP

Protein Soup

Product AP

Almond Protein

- 27g. Protein
- Low Calories, High Fiber
- Tasty Natural Flavors

Product BP

Beauty Protein

- 2,500mg Collagen
- Glowing & Youthful Skin
- Hair & Nail Support

Product SF


- 100% Organic
- Nutrient-rich 10-100 times higher
- High Antioxidant

Product Shaker


Let’s Stay
In Good Health

About AP


Our Almond Protein is crafted with almonds sourced from Spain (the most delicious source). Our meticulously formulated blend features the finest plant-based proteins derived from pea, rice, soy, and pumpkin seed. Unlock the full nutritional potential of plant-based protein with a complete profile of essential amino acids, complemented by the inclusion of 13 fat-soluble vitamins from natural sources. Enhanced with prebiotics and the nourishing essence of MCT oil, our Almond Protein stands as a testament to both taste and wellness.

Almonds have a nutrient-rich composition, packed with essential nutrients including protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin E and B vitamins), and minerals (such as magnesium and potassium). These nutrients contribute to overall health, promote feelings of fullness, and help control appetite. Additionally, almonds have been associated with various health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing Alzheimer's disease, and strengthening the immune system.

About BP


Beauty Protein is an all-in-one beauty blend that is perfect as your everyday beauty booster and promotes overall well-being. It contains a fusion of 3 plant proteins and the enigmatic power of Hugecera™, a secret blend consisting of Collagen Dipeptide, Rice Ceramide, and Red Orange Extract. Additionally, it is enriched with Collagen Tripeptide, GOS (Prebiotics), Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc, and a selection of 7 superfoods that are not only delicious but also highly nutritious.

To attain beautiful and healthy skin, it all starts with protein. Proteins serve as the building blocks essential for repairing and rejuvenating skin cells. By ensuring sufficient protein supplementation, you pave the way for a radiant and youthful complexion, as collagen is effectively absorbed into the skin. Our Beauty Protein not only supports the health of your skin but also provides nourishment to your nails and hair, strengthening them with the vital protein they require.

About SF


Are you getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies? In today's fast-paced world, it's no secret that we often fall short of consuming these vital sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. That's where our superhero, the 'Superfood,' comes to the rescue, ensuring your health goals and needs are met.

Our Superfoods are 100% organic berries and green leafy vegetables that contain 10 to 100 times the amount of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins compared to common fruits and vegetables. We offer 2 product lines: Beauty & Antioxidant, which is extremely high in antioxidants, boosts the immune system, slows down aging, and aids in achieving a healthy appearance; and Fiber and Detox, loaded with essential minerals and fiber to support joint health and promote good digestion.


Almond Protein Soup

Who's tired of the old way of consuming protein shakes? Introducing our groundbreaking innovation – the first-of-its-kind almond protein soup in the world! We take pride in being pioneers in developing this innovative product, catering to health enthusiasts, weight-conscious individuals, and those seeking high-protein meals. Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing multiple dishes to meet your nutritional needs – our product offers a complete, protein-packed meal in a single bowl. Available in two delectable flavors – Truffle and Japanese Corn, our soups guarantee a chef's recipe, boasting a harmonious taste developed using authentic ingredients. Enjoy the convenience of a quick and nutritious meal that satisfies your taste buds and keeps you feeling full.

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